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“People should have privacy. Governments should have transparency.”
Julian Assange


Know Your Customer (KYC) is a process that requires you to verify your identity by providing information such as ID, passport, bank statement, and utility bills.


By providing the sensitive information to a third party, you risk your delicate credentials being stolen and misused.


Opt out and use no-KYC crypto whenever possible. Check out the list of no-KYC services you can use on your path to freedom and privacy.

Buying Bitcoin is very easy these days. However, buying no-KYC Bitcoin (anonymously), is getting more difficult due to surveillance measures the regulators all around the world are passing by day. Still, you can buy no-KYC Bitcoin from a friend (peer-to-peer), on Bitcoin meetups or conferences, on decentralised exchanges, and through Bitcoin ATMs. Learn how to buy no-KYC Bitcoin.

We should definitely start with three of the most renowned anonymous bitcoin exchanges that do not ask for KYC — Bisq, Hodlhodl and LocalCryptos. Learn more about these no-KYC crypto exchange alternatives.

First of all, use anonymous no-KYC Bitcoin wallets. Next, own your private keys and never store your no-KYC'ed Bitcoins in the same wallet as the KYC'ed ones! Never use KYC crypto exchanges. Learn more on how to use Bitcoin privately.

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