About Whir

Since its invention, bitcoin has been promoted as an innovative way to move money and pay for goods and services anonymously.

In reality, bitcoin is not anonymous

All bitcoin transactions are stored in the publicly accessible blockchain. The transactions do not include the sender's or receiver's name. Instead, they consist of the wallet's address, balance, and history of transfers. 

Initially, your wallet's address is not related to your identity. However, as soon as someone knows your wallet address, they can recognize your balance and past transactions.

To avoid this, you can use Whir — a service that uses bitcoin's native coin mixing method CoinJoin

CoinJoin combines multiple payments from multiple spenders into a single transaction to make it more difficult for outside parties to determine which spender paid which recipient. 

You can compare this method to a group of people who put their money into a shared wallet and go shopping. While everyone will spend only their amount of money, the shoppers won't necessarily use the exact bills they put into the shared wallet.

Whir is easy and convenient. Simply enter the recipient wallet and the amount you want to send, and Whir will do the rest.

Mix Bitcoins (1% fee)
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