14 days ago · 4 min read

Top Bitcoin tumblers

Top 5 Bitcoin tumblers to enhance your privacy.

27 days ago · 5 min read

How to use a Bitcoin mixer

Do's and dont's of using a bitcoin mixer.

A solid reason to avoid KYC whenever possible: Dutch hacker obtained virtually all Austrians' personal data, roughly 9.1 million records.
1 month ago · 5 min read

Are Bitcoin mixers traceable?

Bitcoin mixers cannot claim that after using their services or products the users will be 100% anonymous. So, does it make sense to use them?

2 months ago · 5 min read

Best Bitcoin mixer

What is the best Bitcoin mixer or how to find one that fits your needs? Let's find out.

The Central Bank of Nigeria is pushing for wider CBDC adoption by limiting ATM cash withdrawals and changing banknotes for lower denomination ones. As a result, demand for $BTC is skyrocketing and price reached a 40% premium.
2 months ago · 4 min read

Is Bitcoin mixing legal?

Bitcoin mixing is legal, at least for now. Yet, you better check whether mixing is still legal in your jurisdiction.

South Korea plans to deploy a Virtual Currency Tracking System in 2023, to monitor transaction history and check the source of funds before and after remittance.
2 months ago · 4 min read

Financial privacy = human right

In the ever-more digital age, financial privacy is becoming critical for survival. Even though many still don't think so, we will show that the opposite is true...

The truth is in Bitcoin (and Twitter Files).
3 months ago · 5 min read

Bitcoin mixing

In today's world, where financial privacy is endangered, people turn to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for protection. And Bitcoin mixing helps this initiative...

Happy New Year MMXXIII! May your Bitcoin transactions always be private and secure.
4 months ago · 5 min read

Bitcoin privacy

Once again, we return to the neverending topic of Bitcoin privacy. This time, we bring five steps you can follow to achieve better Bitcoin privacy...

Financial privacy 5 months ago · 4 min read

Financial privacy

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are one of the biggest threats to people's financial privacy and anonymity worldwide. Let's see what our financial privacy looks like...

Bitcoin self-custody 5 months ago · 6 min read

Bitcoin self-custody

The recent Binance hack confirms that everyone should withdraw their coins from any custodial service and become self-sovereign.

6 months ago · 4 min read

Spend Bitcoin privately

Thoughts and tips on how to spend Bitcoin privately.

Bitcoin transaction tracking 6 months ago · 5 min read

Bitcoin transaction tracking

Let's take a look at Bitcoin and its traceability once again...

Breaking: Source code of Tornado Cash mixer has been restored on GitHub after US Treasury clarifies that interacting with open-source code itself, in a way that does not involve a prohibited transaction with Tornado Cash, is not prohibited.
Use Bitcoin privately 6 months ago · 5 min read

Use Bitcoin privately

Indeed, using Bitcoin privately doesn't need to be complicated.

7 months ago · 5 min read

Bitcoin tumbling

Bitcoin tumblers and privacy issues they face.

Breaking: Coinbase is funding Tornado Cash mixer's lawsuit against US Treasury Department.
7 months ago · 4 min read

Maintaining privacy while sending Bitcoin

Three tips on how to maintain your crypto privacy.

Ethereum mixer Tornado sanctioned 8 months ago · 6 min read

Ethereum mixer Tornado sanctioned

The U.S. Treasury sanctioned major Ethereum mixing tool Tornado.

8 months ago · 7 min read

Anonymous Bitcoin exchanges

Can you exchange Bitcoin while staying anonymous? Let's see.

8 months ago · 5 min read

Samourai vs Wasabi

A comparison of 2 most popular anonymous Bitcoin wallets.

What is a Bitcoin mixer 9 months ago · 7 min read

What is a Bitcoin mixer

Bitcoin mixer is a tool that makes Bitcoin more anonymous.

9 months ago · 7 min read

Buy Bitcoin anonymously

Exploring options to buy Bitcoin anonymously in 2022.

10 months ago · 1 min read

Bitcoin privacy use cases

Who does really need privacy when using Bitcoin?

10 months ago · 8 min read

Monero vs Bitcoin

The king of cryptocurrencies versus the king of privacy coins.

Anonymous cryptocurrencies 10 months ago · 6 min read

Anonymous cryptocurrencies

These are the most anonymous cryptocurrencies in 2022.

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