Sending the payment to a crypto payment processor

The payment processor's bitcoin address, amount, and QR code are usually valid only for a few minutes to reflect the rapidly changing fiat-to-crypto exchange rate. Typically 15 to 20 minutes.

Crypto payment processor

When you send bitcoin through whir, we need to wait for the first confirmation. After this confirmation, we send bitcoin privately to the payment processor. 

However, when this first confirmation takes longer than the time given by the payment processor, the processor will revert your payment.

Therefore, we do not recommend you send bitcoin to crypto payment processors directly. Instead, we recommend you anonymize your bitcoin in advance. 

Here's how to do it:

1.  Create a new, anonymous wallet (with a new seed). 

2. Send bitcoin from your private wallet, through whir, to this anonymous wallet. 

3. When the bitcoin arrives in the anonymous wallet, you can send it from this wallet to the payment processor directly.

If there's some balance left in your anonymous wallet, never send it back to your private wallet directly, as you would compromise the privacy of your previous transactions.

Mix Bitcoins (1% fee)
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