One of the most interesting use cases of whir by far. While we have already shown how adult content creators or adults as such can use whir to their benefit, there are two groups of people specifically, who might be eager to protect their financial privacy.

Bitcoin Sugar Daddy – a common scam?

The concept of sugar daddy and sugar baby is nothing new in the world. It is usually a scenario where an older, rich man pays a younger woman for different services and company as such based on what both parties agree to. While some frown upon this concept, others see nothing wrong with it if both parties are agreeing upon it. Yet, sugar daddies also have a rather controversial spin.

Sadly, nothing is as permanent as scams in the crypto world. And while this has nothing to do with bitcoin, its mission, use case or main characteristics, many will throw bitcoin to the scam category just because they have read about people getting scammed in the cryptoworld.

And one of the scams can be called a “Bitcoin Sugar Daddy” scam. In this scenario, someone who is trying to pretend to be a potential sugar daddy is trying to lure a potential sugar baby to send them money through bitcoin. In exchange they promise much larger sums of money usually paid in fiat alongside with other benefits such as luxurious stuff, holidays and so on.

While it is obvious, it needs to be stated and reiterated over and over again that people should never send any money, whether through bitcoin or otherwise, to anyone who they do not know or trust. This obviously also applies to potential sugar daddies as well as sugar babes, who might find a better use in bitcoin.

Privacy in finances

Bitcoin on whir benefits both of these groups, whether those are sugar daddies or sugar babes. First of all, it hides the real-life identity of the senders and receivers from the public, which means that even if the transaction is written on-chain (in the blockchain), the identity of both parties remains secure and private.

This means that the sugar daddies can remain private, while still fulfilling their part of this “deal.” The same applies to sugar babes, who should still not only receive the payments for whatever their parts of the deals are, but also the earned funds either anonymously through whir again, or just like any other bitcoins that are already in existence.

Trust as a key?

“Do not trust, verify.”

A common saying in the bitcoin world that holds true also in this case. Trusting someone can be very dangerous since there is no reverse process on the transactions in bitcoin. This means that before the sugar daddy sends a transaction to a sugar baby he needs to be sure that he can trust her. The same obviously is true the other way around, however, it is rather unusual for a sugar baby to send money to a sugar daddy. If it happens, it is usually a scam.

Therefore, it needs to be reiterated again that in this case the sugar daddies should never send any bitcoins or satoshis to sugar babes that they do not know or do not trust. If these funds are sent through services such as whir, there is almost no chance of getting them back in the case of a scam or misuse.

The same applies for sugar babes, who should never send any money in advance to their potential new sugar daddies. This type of scam is very popular not only within the cryptocurrency industry, but also outside of it. Yet, scammers always try to find the easiest ways to enrich themselves and sadly uneducated newcomers to the cryptocurrency world are an easy target.

Are you a sugar daddy?

Send bitcoin privately with whir.

Thus, both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby should always be sure that they trust each other and that the only reason why they are sending this capital over whir in bitcoin is because they want to keep it private.

If that is the case, whir can help them as much as it can help journalists all around the world hide their financial capital in the eyes of their oppositions or like it can help libertarians in their endeavor for more freedom and less reliance on governments. 

Disclaimer: This article does not serve as a piece of financial advice or encouragement and inducement for the usage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its primary role is informative, explanatory, and educational. The readers have to decide themselves whether to use or not to use these types of services.

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Privacy for all

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Let’s be clear. Privacy is absolutely vital for the bad guys, too. We, however, do not support the crooks, and our service is not suitable for them either. Even though whir does the best to anonymize the transactions, there are far better coins for crypto anonymity, such as Monero or zcash. Please read our terms before use.

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