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Best Bitcoin mixer

What is the best Bitcoin mixer or how to find one that fits your needs? Let's find out.

In a world, where central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are getting more attention by governments and central banks, people should realize that if they want to keep financial privacy, they need to look for solutions. CBDCs will help the central banks not only track all the transactions, but also allow them to reject, limit or influence the spending of everyday people.

While this all sounds horrific, as it truly is, fortunately, there are alternatives to the system of total control and centralization. And the best alternative is Bitcoin. Yet, people need to bare in mind that Bitcoin as such is not anonymous, but rather pseudonymous, which means that if people want to remain fully anonymous, they need to make active and conscious steps towards it.

One of the best solutions that people can choose to improve their financial anonymity while using Bitcoin, is to use Bitcoin mixers. Bitcoin mixers are platforms, projects, wallets or services that are allowing the users of Bitcoin network to increase their anonymity by obscuring the transactions on several different levels.

However, for newcomers to the world of Bitcoin as well as those who are not as technically savvy, choosing the best bitcoin mixer might be an obstacle. Some of them are rather advanced or pretty complicated. Others can have gigantic fees for their services or are not as private as one would want.  What are thus some criteria that the best Bitcoin mixer should offer?

Things to look for in the best Bitcoin mixer

What are the main criteria that the people who are looking for best Bitcoin mixer should look at? Is it privacy, established name, transaction fees or something else? While the answers will vary, here are some things to take into account.

1. Privacy and anonymity

First and foremost, Bitcoin mixer is mostly about privacy or anonymity. Therefore, best Bitcoin mixer should provide as many of tools and features connected to privacy, as possible. These are for instance time delays of the sending of the transaction, wide pool of transactions or non-KYC usage. There should also be no need to sign up for the Bitcoin mixer or to create any account. Using a Bitcoin mixer should be just as easy as sending a normal Bitcoin transaction.

2. Transaction fees

Another important factor in choosing the best Bitcoin mixer is fees, since these services are not for free. The developers of the platform or the service provider need to be paid somehow, and the fees that these projects are charging are the simplest way to do that. They can get as low as 0.5%, but more common is the range of 3% - 5%. While some Bitcoin mixers charge even higher fees, in most cases the higher fees would be connected to extra services or tools. In general, best Bitcoin mixers would not charge more than 3% - 5%.

3. Open-source

The user might want to check whether the project is open-sourced or not. This is simply because one of the most crucial mottos of the cryptocurrency world is “Don’t trust, verify.” The users such as hard core Bitcoiners or privacy extremists would probably thus go above and beyond to check, whether they can verify that whatever the project claims, is true. This is for instance the fact that most Bitcoin mixers claim to not store the entries and transactions, without verification it is impossible to say whether that is true. And when it comes to privacy, if the Bitcoin mixers do store the information about transactions such as wallet addresses or IP addresses, the whole point of it is kind of lost.

4. Convenience

Last but not least, the best Bitcoin mixer should be convenient to use. It should be simple, intuitive and should not present any hurdles for the users. In many cases, the area in which the current Bitcoin mixers have a lot of room to grow is the overall user experience. The mixers can become too complicated, unintuitive or technologically challenging, often making the whole experience either very difficult or sometimes even impossible for people who are not from the industry.

What is the best Bitcoin mixer?

Therefore, deciding what is the best Bitcoin mixer, is solely up to the users and their profile, skills or needs. Some of them might want to use simple and cheap Bitcoin mixing service, which would be very intuitive. Some of them might want to use different tools to make sure that they increase their privacy as much as possible and are not worried about the fees.

The choice is therefore in the eyes of the beholder. However, some Bitcoin mixers have been around for quite a significant time, which means that they might be considered to be in the category of the “best Bitcoin mixers.” These are for instance JoinMarket, UniJoin, Blender.io or wallets such as Samourai and Wasabi. And obviously, Whir.

Whir as the perfect balance

Whir is one of the best Bitcoin mixers out there mainly due to the balance that it provides. It charges a service fee of 1% for all the transactions and a transaction fee of 0.0001 BTC. The minimum amount for the transaction is 0.001 BTC, with the maximum being 10 BTC for the safety of the users. It is extremely easy to use since it works just like a normal Bitcoin transaction and there is no need to download any software or app.

No accounts are needed to use Whir, just like there is no need to KYC the users. Whir has privacy at its very core, which is why this mixer does not ask for private and personal information, does not store IP addresses and deletes all the transaction after 24 hours.


The market around Bitcoin mixers has grown significantly. There are more alternatives being created almost constantly, to satisfy the needs of everyone. If you are not sure which one to use, or want a solid blend of everything together, make sure to use check out Whir. Whir provides probably the best balance of Bitcoin mixers when it comes to convenience, privacy, fees or usability.

Disclaimer: This article does not serve as a piece of financial advice or encouragement and inducement for the usage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its primary role is informative, explanatory, and educational. The readers have to decide themselves whether to use or not to use these types of services.

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